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The year 2013 is approaching rapidly, and with it, the strategic EU aim for that period: 80.000 students annually are expected to gain experience in foreign countries and get involved in job mobility programmes!

Statistics show that almost every country has problems with this target, although youngsters are interested in mobility programmes and have recognized the importance of going abroad to develop competences. Nevertheless, many students do not join any programmes or cut short their stay, returning home early because they cannot cope with being in a foreign country.

Our project aims at increasing the number of students successfully involved in internationalisation and mobility programmes, at training teachers and advising management involved in internationalisation and curriculum development. A tailored preparation programme needs to be implemented to improve internationalisation at school and the mobility rates. It is based on Finnish research outcomes that shaped the local educational systems towards the inclusion of internationalisation in curricula.

Why Europe?

Acquiring language skills and developing (intercultural) competences related to study or work experiences abroad are fundamental for young people in Europe.

As the Greenbook on Mobility states: the support and promotion of learning mobility of young people is considered a priority across Europe. Almost every country has problems reaching the mobility target for 2013, therefore the project INtheMC aims to provide a ready-to-use methodology (based on the Finnish research outcomes) for teachers, students and management addressing in-house internationalisation, transnational internationalisation, and mobility . Thus, shaping local educational systems towards the inclusion of internationalisation in European school curricula.


By the end of the project the following products will be available:

  • Teacher manual
  • Student assignments
  • Curricula planner
  • Certificate
  • Management summation
  • Webportal
  • Two international reports


Expected impact

We aim to activate a bigger group of teachers by sensibilizing them to the topics of in-house internationalization, mobility and the difficulties students encounter. Within the project, the step-by-step programme that leads to mobility will be disseminated along Europe. Each partner will introduce the products to National, International and European levels such as partnerships, professional/educational networks and societies. Seminars and conferences will lead to presentations for wider audiences.
The dispersion of the results is ensured, as we will introduce the teacher manual in our countries. In ES, UK, LT, NL and FR the material will be introduced in a workshop. Experience shows that teachers do not always surf on the web to search for material.
There will be a strong motivation for the teacher manual, because it is designed in conjuction with teachers and students and is based on an international setting, offering the possibility for mutual international collegial sharing.

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About INtheMC
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