Dissemination, stories from the INtheMC project:


Seven newsletters have already been published and distributed amongst the mailing group that is connected to the INtheMC project. This mailing group consists of VET teachers in European countries, management, educational organisations, national agencies and other stakeholders such as chambers of commerce. The last newsletter informed everyone about the five pilots that were running in France, Scotland, Spain, Lituania and The Netherlands.


All partners disseminated the project url through their e-signatures and also used the websites of their organisation to keep colleagues updated about the progress. And of course products and brochures structually travelled throughout Europe with partners during their meetings with other VET-schools and educational organisations, and during their participations in conferences on national and international levels, for instance at the annual EfVET conferences.



The Institut Europeén de lÉntrepreneuriat Rural (i2er, France) informed their colleagues in their own community of Cendrieux about the project. When the INtheMC project flyers were ready Aline Gaucher disseminated them  at all (partner) locations of i2er in the Dordogne / Limoges  region, as a follow up to the earlier information that was given about the INtheMC project.

The project flyers were also given to  entrepreneurs, the workshop participants (December  2011 and April 2012). Furthermore, there was dissemination of the outcomes from INtheMC during meetings with workshop leaders in the region.

i2er Also took care of dissemination of INtheMC project and objectives on international level:  to the international EYE-project participants at Newcastle University and Tyne & Wear Museums.


The Netherlands

Dissemination of the project by the two Dutch partners ( Ecabo and Landstede)  is being implemented on four levels: institutional, regional, national and international. We  disseminated the project at local events (first of all the work with target groups, presenting the project to steering boards, to support managers, at teacher seminars, etc.). Landstede and Ecabo both took part in the  workshops starting and ending the Dutch pilot. They presented INtheMC at National Agencies, at Network Internationalisation centres, at sectoral knowledge centres like  Ecabo. Landstede has considerable input in International events: at two EfVET annual conferences, a Grundtvig Study visit meeting (Portugal), the Leonardo News Flash; NL VET council conference (Belgium).

This years' EfVET conference will take place in the last project days, Landstede will come up with a surprice action to disseminate the second INtheMC flyer among the expected 250 teachers, management and decision makers of European VET!



Dissemination of the project is being implemented on an institutional and national level.

 Initially the project was disseminated through senior management meetings using the management summation information and then through project workshops for teachers. Teachers from Hospitality & Tourism, Business & Administration, Information Technology, Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy, Agriculture, Sport & Fitness, and Art & Design received information about the project.


The pilot was carried out at institutional level and proved to be successful.  The INtheMC project will now be further disseminated through the Scotland’s Colleges network where internationalisation and student mobility will be further encouraged throughout VET.



INtheMC is finding a solid foothold in stimulating and supporting internationalisation in Basque VET Schools.  As partner in the project, Politeknika Txorierri is continuing to present the project tools to the widest possible audience.  Now having piloted the project with positive results, Anabel Menica, international project coordinator and main  partner from Politeknika Txorierri involved in the project will present the project aims and assignments at the ERASMUS National Spanish Conference which will take place on 5th June in Madrid.  Txorierri has been invited to speak to the attending Spanish Mobility Coordinators about Best Practices in Mobility involving their experience of INtheMC. On the 13th, Txorierri has also been invited by TNIKA (the Regional Organisation for the Development of VET) to further disseminate INtheMC in the Basque Country at the INNOTEK International conference. During the day dedicated to “VET – Open to the World”, Anabel Menica will present a workshop entitled “Integrating Internationalisation in the VET Study Programme”.



The German partner launched a press release on the final version of the Internationalisation Guide for Teachers, the continuing education workshop on INtheMC products held at the end of October and on the newly updated version of the International Report. The press release was sent to 250 contacts from the press department, to the university twitter account and it was published on the University website.



Project INtheMC was widely disseminated in Marijampole region.  The articles about the project and its products were published not only on Marijampole VET centre website, but in the regional press and regional television, which has about 20 thousand readers and 50 thousand viewers. During the Round table discussion which was devoted to the problems of job market, a representative of Marijampole VET centre introduced how their school prepare future workers for the work and proposed INtheMC products to Marijampole College students. But the biggest ambassadors of the project are Lithuanian students who in reality experience the benefits of the project products.  12 Students had their work placement in Italy and Denmark in the summer of 2012, another group of about 20 students are preparing on mobility in school year 2012-2013. They all were or will be prepared for the mobility using INtheMC students assignments.



Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (Poland) has disseminated the idea and products of INtheMC project on local, regional, national, and international levels.

We informed VET teachers in our own community in Bydgoszcz about INtheMC. Apart from sending e-brochures and e-mails, handing out project flyers, we have managed to gather a group of nine enthusiastic young people who have become ambassadors of the INtheMC project. In appreciation of their devotion we have designed a student certificate for their contribution. We expressed our gratitude for their time and effort in order to increase the awareness about the INtheMC project in Poland.

We have also shared the knowledge on the INtheMC via academic press and the manuscripts. One of the articles submitted to European Psychologist, is in the process of review.


ambassadors of INtheMC PL

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- an extended news item about the pilot process and results
- INtheMC flyer

Pilot Process
INtheMC flyer
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