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April 3, 2012
4. meeting in Bilbao, Spain
The agenda is ready for the fourth INtheMC project meeting in Bilbao. The meeting takes place on April 18, 19 and 20, with informal partner meetings on Tuesday afternoon and evening. read more
March 21, 2012
End of Pilot phase
Within the INtheMC rpoject, the pilot phase officially ended this month. this means that we have taken another step forward in this second project year! read more
February 11, 2012
Two project partners present at Congress in Antwerp
‘Limitless?!’ is the theme of the Congress that the Dutch MBO ESB&I Group organises on 8 and 9 March 2012 in Antwerp. The focal point is the impact of new media on the completion of education, cooperation with industry and the world of students. read more
January 10, 2012
Project products well received in Scotland
Angus College is enthusiastic about the opportunity to prepare Scottish students for mobility and teach them about Internationalisation. read more
December 23, 2011
'Change your perspective' theme of French workshop
"Sometimes you have to change your perspective to find a new solution" is the name of a short video that was used during the INtheMC workshop organised by the French partner i2er to promote mobility among potential entrepreneurs.
This target group is completely different from the student target groups in Spain, Lituania, Scotland and The Netherlands. read more
December 22, 2011
One more year to go for INtheMC!
It seems like yesterday that I started to form the partner group for this project... Aiming to get more students structurally involved in internationalisation and mobility, we formed a great partner group with Spain, Scotland, Lituania, Poland, France, Germany and two Dutch partners.
Today's situation? The interim report has been submitted to the National Agency, and reading it I can only conclude that our partner group worked very very hard to accomplish all these beautiful products. Beautiful, because they are just what we aimed them to be: Easy to use, easy to download, so... appealing for teachers! ............ read more
December 6, 2011
Spanish teachers enthousiastic about project products
During the evaluation of the INtheMC workshop in Spain, 26 teachers expressed their enthusiasm about both the workshop and the products! The group worked with the students assignments and they were presented with the teacher manual and management brochure.

read more
November 21, 2011
Students assist in Workshop International Business
As it is the aim to get students involved in Internationalisation, Landstede tries to include students in dissemination and exploitation activities where possible. This time Noel Ben-Shaanan and Tamara Khalaf assisted in INtheMC workshops on Internationalisation. Noel recorded the workshops and Tamara assisted. Both of them will introduce themselves in this news item.
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