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December 6, 2010
Project Work Packages
Besides Dissemination, Exploitation and Quality/Project management work packages were written for the Research, Products and Piloting of the outcomes read more
December 5, 2010
Cultural visit to Warsaw, PL
During the first project meeting, some time was reserved for a guided tour through the city center. read more
December 4, 2010
First Project meeting in Warsaw
The project meeting in Warsaw, PL, was organised by Aleksandra Blachnio from Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. The meeting took place in the last week of November 2010. One of the main issues of the meeting was getting commitment from all partners for the workplan of INtheMC. read more
November 27, 2010
Introduction of the Steering Board INtheMC
Chairman of the steering board is the coordinating partner, Landstede Group. Margrieta Kroese, project coordinator leads the board, containing 8 persons. read more
November 26, 2010
Introduction of the partners
Partners from all over Europe have joined the project: France, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and from the Netherlands both the Landstede Groep and Ecabo are represented.

The project is coordinated by Margrieta Kroese from Landstede
read more
November 15, 2010
Yes! The project got approved!
Eight partners from seven countries collaborate in this 2 year long project. Transfer of the outcomes of a Finnish National research project about internationalisation is the basis for a new Leonardo da Vinci project, entitled ‘INternationalisation and Mobility in the students Curricula’. Final aim of INtheMC is to get more participation in both internationalisation programmes and student mobility in Europe. read more
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