Exploitation, little gems from the project partners:



The German partner from the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Institute of Education, is providing in accordance with the Centre for Continuing Education of Johannes Gutenberg-University a workshop for Teachers in Vocational Education and Training on Internationalisation and Mobility. The workshop will be based on INtheMC products such as Internationalisation Guide for Teachers and the Student Assignments. Each participant will receive a printed version of the Internationalisation Guide to take home. The workshop will take place at the end of October 2012.

For further information please contact Sandra Rueffin: rueffin@uni-mainz.de



Although the assignments about internationalisation at home and abroad have been implemented in Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri, Dario, there has also been a major exploitation result within the Basque region. HETEL, the Association of Vocational Training Centres created by social initiative which are present in all regions of the Basque Country in Spain, agreed upon letting all students from their institutes that want to go abroad prepare their mobility through making INtheMC assignment number 10! HETEL was set up in 1987 to promote and improve the development of Vocational Training in the Basque Country.



The two non profit organisations, airelle Dordogne and airelle Corrèze meet around 500 entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs. However, they never introduced the question of mobility. Thanks to the dissemination activities of i2er the managment of airelle Dordogne and Corréze started considering to incorporate internationalisation and mobility preparation into their programme for intrepreneurs. They now realise that it is a real stake for entrepreneurship, so they decided to include the INtheMC 'student' assignments in each of their future training courses!

Since 2009, I2ER has been involved in “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”(EYE), a European mobility project for new entrepreneurs, with similar objectives as the INtheMC project.
Applicants must follow a preparation programme before departure and  i2er redesigned the INtheMC assignments to tailor their preparation.

Luc Duquenne, manager from i2er: ''To test this in the pilot INtheMC gives us opportunity to have a good reflection about our assigments. We had some exchange with our partners, one from Poland and one from Sardigna in Italy, about all tools which were created in the INtheMC project.''
We decided to modify  EYE assignments and incorporate  some parts of INtheMC assigments.

We sent a mail to all applicants who want to be involved in the EYE project and we have modified assignments to prepare them.


The Netherlands

On 12, 13 and 14  June 2012, the INtheMC project reached a big succes in the Netherlands. After a meeting with editors of the electronic Landstede learning system, called e-TO (electronic Landstede Learning system for teachers and students), all the INtheMC products were approved for publication.

In three working days all assignments were entered into the system.  For complete mainstreaming the products have been fully integrated into the current education. This means that teachers can access the assignments through Civics, language learning, communication courses, and professional  learning. They can plan the students curriculum using the assignments. For teachers a specific guideline is available for each assignment. Also the theoratical background of our project, the Internationalisation guide, has been integrated in this learning library.

Students, however, can also access the INtheMC assignments via the e-TO student system. They can plan their individual learning curiculum using the assignments for study hours in languages, communication, civics and the professional courses.

On 14 June, the last assignments where assessed and approved by specialists.

This result means that the products from the yet to finish Leonard do Vinci project will be used even after the project lifetime.



2011-2012 Marijampole VET centre (LT) implemented Leonardo da Vinci mobility project “Modern furniture technologies for home and office” No. LLP-LdV-IVT-2011-LT-0511. 8 students of  Marijampole VET centre and 4 students of Kaunas Builders Training Centre had their work placement in Italy and Denmark. The students were prepared for internship since the beginning of the school year. Led by their vocational teacher L.Bartaškevičienė, students carried out international assignments - the product of project “INtheMC”. They searched what kind of furniture companies operated in their municipality and region, what were the needs of companies, what furniture was produced, studied their specialty words in English, Italian and Danish. During the work on assignments the future carpenters and furniture makers gained new knowledge and skills and it helped to make their work placement easier and more interesting.
After returning from 6 weeks of work placement they shared their experience in the Dissemination conference, held in Marijampole VET centre. During it they were rewarded project “IntheMC” certificates as having successfully fulfilled the project work.



Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (Polish partner of INtheMC) has organized workshops for teachers, trainers and managers in Vocational Education and Training on Internationalisation and Mobility. These meetings allowed the participants to broaden their knowledge and experience on how to prepare their students to go abroad on educational mobility. The meetings were an excellent opportunity to promote the products of the INtheMC such as Internationalisation Guide for Teachers, Curriculum planner, Management summation, and the Student Assignments. This major effort was carried out to convince teachers to integrate the students assignments into the current education practices and curricula. Each participant received an electronic version of the INtheMC products to keep  for their own use.

workshop September INtheMC PL
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