Looking back at the INtheMC pilot

The last few months have seen the reporting, evaluation and updating process of the INtheMC pilot actions and products. After the end of Piloting the 11 INtheMC products in March 2012, as WP9 leaders, Politeknika Txorierri (ESP) has coordinated the results from England, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Spain. 


Evaluations from all pilot groups were encouragingly positive with teachers reporting widespread satisfaction with the flexible and practical nature of using the various Internationalisation Assignments at different EQF Levels.  They also enjoyed the workshop and the other tools (INtheMC website, curriculum planner, student certificates, Internationalisation Guide etc.) which they found useful and accessible.  As partners, we have had time to consider changes to the products and to implement suggested improvements from pilot trainers and participant feedback. 
These include, updating the 11 assignments, simplifying competence outcomes for assignment tasks, changing the name and simplifying the content of the Teacher Manual (now the Internationalisation Guide) and improving the website. All changes have been implemented in the partner language versions and with the coordinated support of all the project partners.  Politeknika Txorierri has contributed to the 2nd International Report which gathers and details the findings from the pilot experiences, now available on the website.

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