Management summation

Aim : A glossy brochure for managers, which promotes the value that an institute gets from being structually involved in internationalisation and mobility.

Target group : Although managers in VET-institutes are the direct target group,  the summation can be printed by teachers to present to their managers.

Content: A summary of the benefits mentioned by that students once having been involved in internationalisation and mobility.


Use : This brochure is intended to get VET management interested in internationalisation. It is available in all partners' languages, and an English version for common use. You will find the documents under the language buttons below to print them: EN=english e.g.

It is vital that managers and teachers have easy access to the summation on the web and be able to print it. The consortium believes that this is vital for optimal exploitation of results.


To ensure that management as a target group is reached, a small number of 'management summation' brochures were printed in September 2011 for direct exploitation during (inter-)national meetings in all EU countries.

Management Summation
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