Student Assignments

Aim : We provided ten assignments that were piloted in Lithuania, France, Scotland, Spain and the Netherlands. Evaluation workshops were organised in February and March 2012.
Target group: Teachers and trainers can download and print the assignments for their students.
Content: Ten assignments that are usable for four Professional education levels and sectors! The assignments focus on four themes. Each assignment shows the theme in capitals, followed by the title of the assignment itself. Each assignment offers the possibility to train competences, which is described in the format. Just open one for a try!
In addition, we developed two extra assignments, one at EQF level 1 and one for potential entrepreneurs.

Use: The assignments are available for individual download. Each assignment comes with a guideline, explaining exactly what the student is required to do. You can use the assignments with minimal preparation!
You can choose to use just two or three assignments to make students aware of internationalisation, Europe, or  intercultural and language competences.
But you can also take specific assignments to prepare students for international business (think about in- or export).
The last assignment (10) can be used to let a student prepare him- or herself for a work placement abroad.
The set of student assignments may well be one of the most important products of the project. The assignments are structured in such a way that teachers/trainers in all European countries can use them. Although not all European languages are provided for, we offer the student assignments in six languages (PL, EN, ES, DE, NL, FR, LT).


Below you can download the assignments by opening the document in the prefered language. Assignments 8 - 10 are only available in English to develop students'  English language skills.

Download the assignments below. Each assignment contains a teacher guideline.


Assignment 1 - GENERAL BACKGROUND - Internationalisation in your own country
Assignment 2 - GENERAL BACKGROUND - Other cultures in your own country
Assignment 3 - LOOKING ABROAD - Meeting people and learning a language
Assignment 4 - LOOKING ABROAD - Neighbouring country/s
Assignment 5 - WORKING ABROAD - Products
Assignment 6 - WORKING ABROAD - Working practices
Assignment 7 - WORKING ABROAD - Language (professional context)
Assignment 8 - WORKING ABROAD - Export
Assignment 9 - Planning a trip abroad
extra: example for EQF level 1 students
extra: assignment for entrepreneurs
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