Student Certificate

Aim : To offer students who participated in the pilots, proof that they have been working on internationalisation and / or mobility preparation. The certficate can be combined with the EuroCV.

Target group: students.

Use: The certificate is now available for download. The certificate has been presented to all students that participated in the five project pilots in NL, ES, LT, UK and FR.  It can be downloaded by other teachers that use the assignments for their students.


Content: Apart from personal details of the student and details of the organisation, there is a list of the student assignments. You can check the assignments that were completed on the back of the certificate (if possible in the country where it is printed, combined with competences).


The certificates that will be issued after the pilots, include the names of all the INtheMC partner organisations. The downloading institute will be responsible for validating the students work, stating the awarding institute's name on the bottom line of page one and the signing of the certificate.


Added value: The certificate can also be mentioned in the Euro CV in the students' Europasses.

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Student Certificate
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