We transferred the outcomes of a Finnish research  concerning the present state of the internationalisation processes of vocational education in Finland, conducted by:

  • the National Board of Education
  • HAMK
  • CIMO

You can find the complete Finnish report here:



The Finnish research (2007) focused on the educational institutes' strategies, to find out how international activities manifest themselves in the strategies and practical work in VET. Recommendations were given, usable for those who want to know how they can effectively facilitate and support international activities, providing students with the best readiness to work both in international jobs in the own country and in jobs abroad.

This research showed that only when internationalisation is completely integrated into the strategy for all staff,will it be effective. This is what we also used in the transfer to INtheMC. We provide products for decision makers and management in schools, teachers and trainers, students who want to be entrepreneurs and students in general.

And effective support of internationalisation activities for students is transferred by designing not only the teacher guide, so that teachers get more interested in internationalisation and work on this subject with their students, but also by designing a preparation programme for work placement abroad (mobility). Both may lead to a higher percentage of students becomming interested in working abroad on a long-term basis.

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